“I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded for almost 10 years. Once I started, there was just no way I was going to go back to plucking or waxing. I started going to Ziba in Artesia and when they opened another location in Santa Ana right next to South Coast Plaza, I started going there when I was in the area. However, there have been drawbacks to remaining loyal to the Ziba brand. Neither location is exactly close to my house (at least a half hour drive) and over the¬† years the prices have continued to climb. Also, there have been rumors of Ziba’s unfair treatment of workers in regards to benefits and wages… All of this has sort of bothered me and I’ve been hoping a salon would open up closer to home unaffiliated with them.

Enter Brow Mantra. The salon is definitely closer for me and they’re right off the freeway, open till 7 p.m., and the prices are lower than anywhere else I’ve checked out. And their service? Exceptional. When I was getting my brows done, the stylist¬† Teri made me check the mirror periodically to approve of her work. I found that refreshing since that meant I wouldn’t have any surprises like super-arched or too skinny eyebrows once she was done. After she finished threading, she gave me a massage on my lids and brows using aloe vera to help combat the slight redness of the skin that is inevitable when you have threading done. It was a bit surprising but quite pleasant additional service.

They’re doing a good job as far as advertising- they’re in the community guide and also have a website which offers promotional coupons. I printed one out and took it along with me and saved an extra $2 off the already low price.

I really hope they’ll do well because it’d be awesome to have a salon nearby and with so many businesses closing lately, I’d hate to see them be apart of that. If you’re close, this is such a great salon to stop by and get some grooming done (They offer a full range of services which include waxing, facials, make-up, and henna as well).”

– Bora K. (Fullerton, CA)

“i’ve never cried so much in my life! i can get the wind knocked out of me, hit my shin on a table edge, or get socked playing out of state, and i will not cry. i’m just sensitive (wimp) when it comes to my eyebrows. they are right when they say beauty is pain or at least having nicely shaped eyebrows is. afterall, you don’t want to look like a neanderthal if yr a woman. i sure don’t. i probably already walk like one.

in other words it will probably be painless for you. they are great. i’m so glad i found a new eyebrow threading place close to home. i came here because Christa M. told me about it. i’m really impressed with the fine work they did. like a piece of art! i’ve actually been complimented on my eyebrows by men (weird) every since i got them done here. so that’s nice or creepy.

you can tell they are really good about maintaning the place clean. they put a tissue over the headrest and i really appreciate that. i wish i could have asked for the girls name but i didn’t. she was so gentle i didn’t even feel her prescence around me. she took her time making sure to pull out ever single hair and still went back to check her work. she also gave me a tissue and wiped my tears.

it’s nice that they put a soothing lotion afterwards and give you a massage. it’s too bad i broke out. yep sensitive skin blows. so if you have sensitive skin i would probably request they skipped the soothing lotion part. the face massage is nice though. i was instantly relieved of the pain. i am definitely coming back. oh yeah and the prices are good for me.”

– Marilu R. (Fullerton, CA)

“Then along comes Mary….Mary… Mary!!! (God I love that song… and Mary my new eyebrow threading lady)

My mom introduced me to this place after my lil sister saw it on Harbor while she was taking the bus and I am SOLD! I am a fan and frequenter of ZIBA but how can I go back when Brow Mantra is right here in Fullerton off of the 91? How can I go back to ZIBA’s when all I have to pay here at Brow Mantra is $9 and not $12?

I appreciate the attention to detail to my eyebrows. Makes my life easier. I am a low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to my face and the less time I have to spend on plucking or whatever god awful things we have to do the better!

My brows grow out so awesome and the best part of it is watching the lady who owns the joint keep her workers in check… she inspects their brow work on a constant basis.

Try Gita too… my lil sister loves her and that is saying a lot since my lil sis got the unfortunate hairy genes from my mom! DAMN!!!”

– Christa M. (Anaheim, CA)